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ights of appeal, accusation, and impeachment.There is no end to man▓kind's pursuit of progress. There is still much room▓ for improvement for the rule of law in China

. Strengthening judicial protection of human rights will continue to be▓ a major task in implementing the rule of law. China wi▓

itigation system, and st

ll proceed from its prevailing reality, learn from the▓ achievements of other countries regarding▓ the rule of law, enhance judicial p

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nforced principl

r▓otection of human rights, safeguard social fairness and justice, and implement the rule ▓of law in all respects. Ple

es of legality, in dub

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任A former county official in Northwest China's Gansu province has failed to have a life sentence for▓ taking bribes incl

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uding gold bars reduced.Man Man, 46, ▓former head of the Subei Mongolia autonomous count▓y, was found to have received cash and assets wor

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th more tha▓n 6.57 million yuan ($1 million) in bribes, acco▓rding to a report in the Lanzhou Morn▓ing Post on Tuesday.He also failed to account


ges of justice

for the source of 2.08 million yuan in family assets, according to the r

, and▓ the

procedures for p

eport.The police found ▓gold bullion and gold medals weighi

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man rights in judici

ng more than 10 kilograms in the basement of his a

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partment, said the report.Subei county

ed to higher

standards. Th

is r▓ich in gold resources and lots of gold mine developers launc▓hed operations there when Man was head of the county governme

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nt. Most of the bribes he received were from goldmine contractors wanting licenses or concerned commercial dispu

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s power indepe

tes, according to the local court.Man also took money from local construction project contractors and received a bribe from an official promoted by him, said t▓h

ndently an

d ▓impartially in accor

e report.He was charged with taking bri▓bes, embezzlement and failing to explain the source of assets a

dance with

the law, leadin

nd sentenced last year. A▓ll of his illegal income was confiscated.At a▓n appeal hearing this month the court said ▓the original

g to stren▓gthened pu

blic credibility. Fu

sentence should stand, according to th▓e report.This is no ordinary car.It is fitted out with a spe▓cial alert

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te compensatio▓n and legal aid. Judicial fairness and justice is safeguarded, and citizens' rights are effectiv
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